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Kituri SYBR

Kiturile Real-Time PCR SYBR va ofera rezultate maxime si va scurteza simtitor timpul de lucru.

Noile kituri SensiFAST:

SensiFASTâ„¢ SYBR & Fluorescein Kit
SensiFASTâ„¢ SYBR Hi-ROX Kit
SensiFASTâ„¢ SYBR Lo-ROX Kit
SensiFASTâ„¢ SYBR No-ROX Kit


Kituri SensiMix:

SensiMix Capillary Kit
SensiMix SYBR & Fluorescein Kit
SensiMix SYBR Hi-ROX Kit
SensiMix SYBR Low-ROX Kit
SensiMix SYBR No-ROX Kit




  • Rapiditate - Polimeraza hot-start mediata prin intermediul unui anticorp va scurteaza timpul de lucru si reduce formarea dimerilor
  • Un sitem de buffer unic, pantentat- pentru o specificitate crescuta
  • Sensibilitate crescuta
  • Simplitate si reproductibilitate - adaugati doar primerii si proba ADN


Cateva opinii ale celor care au folosit kituri SensiFAST SYBR:

 "In the course of optimizing real-time PCR for analysis of various animal tissues, I tested multiple real-time master mixes of different brands. The SensiFAST™ SYBR No-ROX Kit produced the most valid amplification result by improving efficiency and reproducibility. With this product, Bioline offers an optimal cost-performance ratio."
Department of Animal Nutrition - Technical University of Munich

"We applied the SensiFAST SYBR Lo-ROX Kit to investigate SFRP4 expression in primary and immortalized normal and cancer cell lines. We found that SensiFAST performed in a more sensitive way compared to two other real-time qPCR suppliers detecting SFRP4 expression one to two cycles earlier."
The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

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