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Placi PCR si qPCR FrameStar Break-A-Way

FrameStar® Break-A-Way

4titude®'s FrameStar® Break-A-Way offers you all the flexibility of tube strips, in a plate. FrameStar® Break-A-Way is a 96-well PCR plate that can easily be divided into smaller plate sections, ensuring no tubes are wasted.


FrameStar® Break-A-Way uses the two-component design we use for FrameStar® and FrameStrip™ which combines the advantages of thin-walled polypropylene tubes for optimum PCR results and a rigid frame portion for easy and reliable handling.


  • Rigid PCR plate that can be broken into smaller plate sections
  • 2-component design prevents distortion of tube strips
  • Eliminates strip breakage
  • 2D barcoding option
  • 2D barcode reader available


When used as a plate, the benefits of FrameStar® are realised - evaporation from corner positions and outer rows of wells is minimal, which allows for downscaling of reagent volumes. When used in strips, the benefits of FrameStrip™ are seen, where the rigid two-compoenent design ensures the strip remains straight and stable.


For colour coding of experiments, we offer FrameStar® Break-A-Way in 5 colours, all with clear tubes. For optical assays, such as qPCR, we supply plates with white wells in black frames. FrameStar® Break-A-Way is compatible with the majority of thermal cyclers

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